Our History:

 94-05: During this period we focused our attention on activities connected with the Slovak securities and capital market created through coupon privatization. We mainly consulted and participated in or executed the following activities: full-range securities brokerage, majority stake concentration and comprehensive portfolio management. Having reached a trading turnover exceeding SKK 2.1bn in 1997, we became one of the largest non-bank-owned financial houses in Slovakia at that time.

 97-05: By the end of the 1990s, the ownership of publicly traded companies became more concentrated in the hands of fewer investors. This created a demand for services connected with the trend, as well as new areas of interest for the owners: leveraged buy-outs, takeovers, M&A and restructuring of target companies. Our group participated in a number of smaller and medium size deals in the role of advisor or deal manager.

03-present: The growing number of foreign investors entering Slovakia after 2001 created a new wave of opportunities for domestic consultants with a large pool of knowledge of the local environment and its specifics, combined with a clear understanding of the needs, concerns and corporate standards of leading international corporations interested in entering Slovakia. Through our dedication to a limited number of clients and projects we built our strengths of focus, close teamwork with the client and our drive to find an optimal solution even in the most complex situation.

05-present: Our consulting and service activities in Industrial Real Estate have developed as a natural extension in response to the needs of our FDI clients. Starting with simple „search and propose“ services, over the years we have grown into a full-fledged consultant and executor of complex projects in this sector.

12-present: Building on attractive opportunities in the field of trade between Slovakia and the countries of the former USSR, boosted by our team members’ long-term experience in this territory, we have expanded into the sector of wholesale trade between leading Slovak producers and some of the largest retail entities in the target countries. Even just the first few months of our efforts have demonstrated that the potential for developing mutually beneficial commercial relationships is substantially larger than generally expected.